Flourishing in Daily Habits and Routines – Flourish Friday

Even changing little things like our daily habits and routines can help us live such a more purposeful life. I'm trying to change my morning routine, how I multi-task way too much, among other things. Read the rest at lifeasadare.com
A while back I was noticing that some of my favourite bloggers were involved in the Flourish linkup with The Kardia Blog, which I also read and love! So I decided to look more into it.
When I saw their mission statement, I was sold. It meshes so completely with what I want this blog to be about, which is living purposefully and deliberately. Here’s what it’s all about:

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The Most Canadian Things that Happened to Me on Canada Day

The most Canadian things to happen to Rebecca Gregoire, author of Life as a Dare blog, on Canada day! Read the rest at lifeasadare.com

Let me start by saying this:

I freaking love my country.

Seriously. We have Tim Hortons, beavers, and maple syrup. What else does a country need?

So to show how much I love my country, here, as Canada day comes to a close, are some of the most Canadian things that have happened to me in the last month or so. Continue reading →

The Versatile Blog Award

Rebecca Gregoire from Life as a Dare was nominated for a Versatile blogging award! Check out the rest at lifeasadare.com

Good morning, lovelies!

Yesterday, Kendal from Life with Kendal nominated me for the Versatile Blog Award! Her blog is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen, and you all need to check it out! I love her design, and she writes on everything from blogging to beauty! So make sure to stop by her site!

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A Guide to True Self-Esteem

Here are some tips to TRUE self-esteem, not comparing yourself to others, but taking a minute to pamper yourself! Read the rest at lifeasadare.com!

I recently got a message from a reader asking “What do you do when you have horrible self-esteem?”

Self-esteem has become this holy grail recently I find. It’s the fix-all, and people spend hours trying to build up girls’ self-esteem but often it just doesn’t seem to work. Don’t you find sometimes that it just gets annoying when everyone keeps saying things like “you just need to love you for you because you’re just as good as everyone else! You’re beautiful, you’re talented, and you just need to open your eyes to that!”? Because I do. Continue reading →

Insta-update #1: Summer fun!

Some fun updates on what Rebecca has been up to this summer on Instagram! Check out more at lifeasadare.com and follow her on instagram at @rebeccagregoire #lifestyleblogger #blogging #summer #instagram #christianblogger

I often have a hard time figuring out how to do update posts that aren’t just a bunch of text. I’ve been working on using instagram better, though, so I figured “Hey! There’s a great opportunity to merge the two!” And here we are! Continue reading →